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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Indian Dessert

Rasgulla  is a dessert from Orissa,Bihar and Bengal consisting of balls of unripened cheese or cottage cheese (chenna) soaked in a sugary syrup. Today we are going to make a beautiful dish out of rasgulla.

1. Rasgullas.
2. Rooh Afza( Its a concentrated drink, it can be mixed with a variety of food items to give them new taste and is said to be a great alternative for strawberry milk. Rooh Afza is now found in the western market, with supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons in the UK selling it).
3. Cashew Nuts.
4. 1 food injector syringe.
5. Milkmaid( condensed milk)
6. Small amount of milk in a bowl.

1. Keep the rasgullas in the refrigerator for a while. They'll get a bit dry and cold.
2. Cut a small portion of the rasgulla to make its bottom flatten.
3. From the side cut another small portion such that the center of the rasgulla can be seen properly. Keep this portion, we'll need it later.
4. Grate the cashew nuts and put the grated nuts inside the rasgulla and put the sliced part back on, it wont hold by itself so use a toothpick. We don't want the grated nuts to come out.
5. Put some milkmaid on a plate.
6. Dip the rasgulla in the bowl of milk and quickly pick it up and put it in a plate, squeeze a little but don't squeeze the entire milk out from it. Place it on the milkmaid.
7. Now take the food injector syringe and fill it with Rooh Afza and inject the rasgulla with it from the top so that the rooh afza gets in the rasgulla's center where the grated cashew are kept.
8. Slowly the rasgulla will change into pink from the middle. 

This is my own recipe. Had a dream last night about it, woke up in the morning and tried it, its utterly delicious. 

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